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A former CIA officer is warning that things in America may be about to get ugly. Very ugly. In a recent  interview  with the website...

John Brennan is about to be indicted for plot against Trump, prepare for violence, says fmr CIA officer

A former CIA officer is warning that things in America may be about to get ugly. Very ugly.
In a recent interview with the website USAWatchdog.com, former spook Kevin Shipp warned that if John Brennan and others are indicted for an attempted coup against the president of the United States, the violence from Leftists “is going to increase to the point where it’s going to be very, very bad.”
Americans, he said, need to arm themselves, and be ready to defend themselves, and they need to be aware there are going to be “beatings” and “probably shootings” – including shooting at police.
Shipp was a high-ranking officer stationed at CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia, and also at Camp Stanley, an Army weapons depot north of San Antonio, Texas, that has a secret CIA facility.
After leaving the CIA, he wrote two books on the agency: “In from the Cold: CIA Secrecy and Operations” and “From the Company of Shadows,” in which he exposes the CIA’s abuse of the State Secrets Privilege to keep things hidden from the American people.
What Trump has been facing, he said, is definitely a coup.
“This is the most shocking violation of the Constitution and criminal activity in the history, not just of America, but of a western government,” said Shipp. “Much of this rises to the level of treason. People need to understand how shocking this is. It was a clear conspiracy.”
He went on:
“There will be arrests and indictments without question…This was a coup. It was a conspiracy. It was criminal activity. These people need to be indicted, charged and need to be put in prison, and if they’re not, then our Constitution is nothing more than a sham.”
At the National Rifle Association convention in Indianapolis on Friday, Trump urged Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Was he trying to send them a message?
Most Americans don’t realize, said Shipp, that we’re already in a civil war – a war that has been “brewing over 60 years” in this country.
“We have, you want to call it the Dark left. The DNC is fully involved, and all their congressmen and senators,” he said. “There is a Marxist movement within the DNC that is in control right now. If you go back and you matched up the progressive goals with Marxist documents, you’ll see that they are one and the same.”
The Democratic Party, he said, is attacking “the three Cs”: the Constitution, which they want to be understood to be a “living document” that can be changed with the times; Christianity, which underlines the Constitution; and the Culture – the founding principles.
They have to do these three things, he said, “to turn this into a global, Marxist government.”
Of former CIA Director John Brennan’s comment last Friday about President Trump’s “sociopathic ramblings,” he said the truth of the matter is clear.