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Barry thought he was safe – here comes Trump’s Attorney General! Democrats went after Trump for two years over the 2016 election—tu...

Obama Should Be Sweating Now – Bill Barr Visits Italy, Ramps Up Investigation On Barry’s FBI, CIA

Barry thought he was safe – here comes Trump’s Attorney General!
Democrats went after Trump for two years over the 2016 election—turns out, it may all have been a distraction.
We know that agencies under Obama were investigating the Trump campaign. They used a dossier full of misinformation to acquire a warrant to spy on Trump’s staff.
That alone raises questions about how the CIA and FBI conducted the investigation.
Only now, under AG Barr, is the DOJ looking for answers. Barr has tasked one of his top men to look into how the FBI and CIA invested Trump during the election.
From the sheer scope of this investigation, the last administration should be getting nervous.
From Daily Caller:
Attorney General William Barr has met with foreign intelligence officials, including during a trip to Italy earlier in September, regarding an investigation into surveillance activities against the Trump campaign…
“[DOJ] is gathering information from numerous sources, including a number of foreign countries.”
We haven’t heard much about this case in a while. Turns out, that was because Barr and Durham were busy.
Durham went to all the way to Italy to gather information about what the government was doing in 2016.
Seems like Durham is gathering a wealth of details on the so-called counterintelligence investigation against Donald Trump.
Let’s be honest, here. Did anyone think in 2016 that Trump was really working with Russia? Any allegations were based on the Steele dossier paid for by Clinton.
These agencies worked for Obama, a Democrat who obviously didn’t want Trump to become president.
It’s not a leap to suggest Obama and the intelligence community went further than they should to find dirt on Trump.
Trump and his team were American citizens. They are protected by the Fourth Amendment from unlawful spying by the government.
Did Obama’s people break that law to monitor Trump? The case is building and Durham is leaving no stone unturned—even going to other continents!
As Democrats scramble to accuse Trump of ongoing election interference, the evidence is suggesting they are the ones who may have done it.
They think a simple phone call with Ukraine amounts to impeachment. Well, what about what Obama’s people did?
It might not be long before we finally get some answers and some indictments.
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Source: Daily Caller