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If Democrats don’t comply –  Lindsey will blow the lid off their charade! Democrats have banked on a single complaint to impeach th...

Lindsey Graham Drops Impeachment Demand – Release Volker Transcript, Or I Will Make Him Speak Publicly

If Democrats don’t comply – Lindsey will blow the lid off their charade!
Democrats have banked on a single complaint to impeach the President of the United States.
But, something’s very fishy when they hold all their “impeachment inquiry hearings” behind closed doors.
In fact, the information revealed during these hearings has been hidden from the public. Republicans like Jim Jordan have demanded transparency.
After all, this impeachment affects every last American. Why are Democrats like Adam Schiff refusing to release the transcripts?
Sound like a fair, unbiased process to you? Nope, me neither.
One hearing, in particular, is of extreme importance. Republicans are saying it clears Trump’s name.
Now Sen. Lindsey Graham is demanding the transcript be released, or he’ll do this.
From Red State:
Earlier this afternoon, Graham tweeted out a warning for House Democratic leaders to release the full transcript of former Ambassador Kurt Volker’s testimony from last Thursday. If they continue to stall, Graham made it clear he’d use his power as Senate Judiciary Chair to have him questioned publicly…
That they continue to refuse to release the full transcript of his testimony is a strong indicator that… what Volker said during the course of his hours-long questioning undermined the so-called impeachment case against Trump.
Wow! Once again, Lindsey Graham is standing up to the Democrats. He is demanding Adam Schiff release the transcript of Kurt Volker’s testimony.
If not, Graham will question the former ambassador in the Senate—for all the world to see and hear.
According to Republicans who attended Volker’s hearing, his testimony shatters the left’s entire case.
As ambassador to Ukraine, he would have had first-hand knowledge of everything that transpired. He would have known of Trump tried to pressure Ukraine with a quid-pro-quo.
From what has come out, it sounds like Volker defended the president—saying no quid-pro-quo took place.
But Democrats wouldn’t release it.
In fact, he made it clear that President Trump was merely trying to see if the new Ukrainian president would live up to his word to root out corruption.
I’m sure there was plenty more Volker had to say that destroyed the House Democrats’ agenda. That is precisely why they held the meeting behind closed doors. And why they refuse to release the transcript.
But that’s okay. They can hide the truth all they want. Graham will do their job and question Volker openly. All the details the left has been trying to hide will come spilling out.
Without Schiff or anyone else with the power to stop them.
You see, if Schiff was smart he would have just released the transcript. But it’s obvious he, Pelosi, and the rest of the Impeachment Brigade are not smart.
This entire charade is going to blow up in their faces. But they only have themselves to blame.
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Source: Red State