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Nancy thought Bolton was out of the picture – here he comes! Rep. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi want to ram this impeachment inquir...

John Bolton Throws Wrench Into Impeachment – Stops Pelosi’s Machine By Refusing To Let His Aide Testify

Nancy thought Bolton was out of the picture – here he comes!

Rep. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi want to ram this impeachment inquiry through. Before anyone has a chance to hit the brakes.
But John Bolton just threw a wrench in their plans.
Schiff is looking for anyone to give him dirt on Trump. Some have even speculated that recently-fired John Bolton would turn on Trump. Perhaps give Schiff ammunition over how Trump handled Ukraine.

Yet it looks like the impeachment Democrats will be disappointed. One of Bolton’s aides is giving them a pretty hard time.
From Fox News:
Charles Kupperman, a former deputy to ex-National Security Adviser John Bolton, is looking to the courts to resolve a new standoff in the impeachment inquiry, as Democrats threaten him with contempt for defying a subpoena at the direction of the White House…
In response to a tough letter from House Democratic leaders, Kupperman’s attorney Charles Cooper suggested his client is willing to comply with their requests eventually — provided a judge tells him to do so.
Oh boy! Democrats won’t get the dirt they need from Charles Kupperman, because he’s refusing to appear before them unless a judge orders him to.
The House Democrats have been acting like thugs, trying to get people to testify.
Even though we hear these testimonies are “damning” to the president, leaking Schiff refuses to make them public.
This is a man that leaks so much, his entire committee’s reputation was destroyed. Yet he hasn’t let a word of these hearings reach the public.
Hmm, maybe because he’s getting nothing against Trump.
Now, he was trying to strongarm one of Bolton’s former deputies to testify. Charles Kupperman has no intention of complying with their wishes.
He doesn’t have to either—forcing the Democrats to have to prove to a judge why Kupperman should play along.
I think the Democrats are going to have a hard time getting a judge to go along with this farce.
We know that the Democrats have nothing on the president. They are running this inquiry without support from the entire House.
Yet they hand out subpoenas like Halloween candy, thinking they are this country’s final authority.
But they are learning the hard way, it doesn’t work that way.
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Source: Fox News