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Schiff thought he was going to strike gold – they gave him coal instead! Democrats know their “impeachment inquiry” is skating on th...

After Dems Demand Impeachment Evidence – Instead State Department Gives Hillary And Ukraine Evidence

Schiff thought he was going to strike gold – they gave him coal instead!

Democrats know their “impeachment inquiry” is skating on thin ice. All they have is a whistleblower’s mostly inaccurate complaint about a phone call.
We have the real transcript of the call, which gives no hard evidence of wrongdoing. Instead of admitting defeat and moving on, Schiff’s Democrats are pushing to find whatever dirt they can to impeach him.
To that end, they held an urgent meeting with the State Department, thinking the evidence they needed was lurking in that agency.

Even the media hyped up this meeting as the final nail in Trump’s coffin.
What the Democrats did get was a mountain of their own corruption.
From Daily Wire:
A media-hyped “urgent” meeting between Democratic-led House committees and the State Department Inspector General on Wednesday turned out to be a big disappointment for those hoping it would offer incriminating documents related to the Democrats’ impeachment effort…
The Daily Caller reports that sources familiar with the meeting said that among the documents were “news articles written this past spring by The Hill’s John Solomon about Democratic ties to Ukraine.” In late April, Solomon reported that “the Obama White House engaged Ukraine to give Russia collusion narrative an early boost.”
Wow. What a way to get Democrats upset!
They rushed to the State Department, hoping to get dirt on Trump. Instead, they were handed a pack of articles about the Democrats’ own shady connections to Ukraine, trying to pin Hillary’s wrongdoing on Trump.
Democrats left that meeting in a fluster, claiming it was all “propaganda.” Oh sure, when it hits your party it’s propaganda.
But when it wrongfully slanders the president, it’s “news.” M-hm, I see how it works.
I have no doubt Trump was behind this. The Democrats are desperate to cash in on any lead they can find.
Guys like Schiff don’t even stop to think about what they are doing. That makes them prime targets for ridicule.
President Trump could have easily set up this meeting, all to expose the desperate situation they’re in.
So, of course, most of the media was silent about this embarrassment, so people wouldn’t hear more about this impeachment sham.
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Source: Daily Wire