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California Dems thought this was a slam-dunk – now they’re triggered! Democrats have been doing everything in their power to stop t...

After California Tries To Block Trump – Federal Judge Drops His 2020 Election Gavel

California Dems thought this was a slam-dunk – now they’re triggered!
Democrats have been doing everything in their power to stop the 2020 Trump Train—and that goes double in California.
Their lawmakers and liberal governor thought they came up with the perfect plan to derail Trump’s campaign.
They passed a law—get this—that required primary candidates to disclose five years of tax returns. If not, they would not be placed on their own party’s ballots.
Of course, this was aimed at President Trump.
California liberals must have been patting themselves on the back over this one. Get Trump to give them his private financial documents or they would deny residents from being able to vote for him.
But a federal judge thought differently and just smacked their unjust law down.
From the LA Times:
California’s chief elections officer said Tuesday he will appeal a federal judge’s order to block a law that would require President Trump to release his tax returns for access to the state’s primary election ballot…
The judge’s written ruling repeated a concern expressed during oral arguments — that long-standing and less stringent federal financial disclosure rules preempt any additional mandates.
Judge England overturned the new law, saying that it violated long-standing federal financial disclosures. Basically, California Democrats were trying to rewrite the rules on how a candidate can behave.
Of course, the liberal press is trying to spin this. They mention how the left-wing states election officers are trying to appeal.
But it’s a losing battle. Because with this ruling, I doubt any other judges in higher courts will think differently.
President Trump was quick to declare this a big win for his campaign and all his supporters.
From Twitter:
“I won the right to be a presidential candidate in California, in a major Court decision handed down yesterday. It was filed against me by the Radical Left Governor of that State to tremendous Media hoopla. The VICTORY, however, was barely covered by the Fake News. No surprise!”
Let’s be honest. Democrats were trying to hold California ballots over Trump’s head to force Trump to give them his private records.
Those are his personal records – the public doesn’t have a right to them?
It seems Democrats will stop at nothing to find dirt on our president. They’ve constantly failed to pin a crime or wrongdoing against him.
So they keep trying. They were even willing to undermine federal election laws and practices, just to get something to use against him.
And the media is reporting this as a minor setback for Democrats when it’s a big loss for them.
That’s why Trump supporters need to get out the word of what’s really going on.
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Source: LA TimesTwitter