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Elizabeth has a big pledge for millions on Social Security – but it comes with a price tag for her. Elizabeth Warren is eager to br...

Warren Makes $150B Social Security Promise – But It Could Cost Her Even More In 2020

Elizabeth has a big pledge for millions on Social Security – but it comes with a price tag for her.

Elizabeth Warren is eager to break from the pack—and she’s got another big promise for 2020 voters.
It sounds like a great idea, at first. But, as with all liberal ideas, it has a terrible fallout.
Warren, going into last night’s debate, promised to raise Social Security benefits by $150 billion. How much money is that in your pocket each month?

$200. That is sure to win over seniors voters, right?
But the way she plans on paying for it should make over 64 million Americans pretty concerned.
From The Gateway Pundit:
Elizabeth Warren just announced her plan to increase Social Security payments by $150 billion per year.
It sure seems like the Democratic presidential candidates are in a competition of who can be the most radical socialist.
Here’s more details:
Warren wants to increase taxes on many wealthy Americans to pay for a massive increase in Social Security.
Hey, wait a minute! Didn’t all those senior citizens, pay into Social Security when they were working?
Why does Warren need to punish high earners—who are working today—to pay for the benefits of retired Americans?
Because Social Security never worked as planned. The taxes taken from your pay go to fund Social Security today.
And it will probably hurt the economy in the process, making seniors’ dollars stretch even less.
FDR’s never planned it out responsibly. And to increase benefits, you have to punish people working today.
You might not mind, because you’re not earning over $50 million. But guess who does? The people who start businesses, create jobs, and keep the country running.
Is it a really good idea to pit Americans against each other? Do we really want to punish the wealthiest Americans with higher taxes?
In our opinion, Warren will gain a few votes with empty promises, but she’s going to lose many more from people who see through her scheme.
Look—our economy is doing so good right now. Why? because Trump made it easier for rich Americans to invest in the country.
Everyone is doing better, thanks to tax cuts.
Warren wants to reverse all that, in a ploy to win over seniors so she can turn America into a socialist country.
Do you want to live under a President Warren for 4 years, or even 8?
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