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They thought Donald was done –  he’s just getting started! We all know that Trump and Californians don’t always get along. But you ...

Trump Snubs California Democrats – Sets Off New Red Wave Of Federal Judge Nominations

They thought Donald was done – he’s just getting started!

We all know that Trump and Californians don’t always get along. But you might not know that Trump has been quietly infiltrating the state for years.
In fact, even most California residents don’t know how much Trump has changed the state. In just two-and-a-half years, he’s reshaped it for decades to come.
Liberals have tried to stop him. But thanks to his allies in the Senate, this transformation keeps taking place.

In fact, he just set off another wave of changes. The Democrats can only sit and watch.
From Fox News:
President Trump nominated a slew of judges Friday to posts on California-based federal courts, ramping up efforts to reshape the judiciary after hitting a milestone earlier this month with the confirmation of the 150th federal judge on his watch.
Two nominations are for the influential San Francisco-based Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, a long-liberal bench with jurisdiction across the American West whose political makeup has shifted with Trump’s aggressive appointment campaign.
Wow. This is pretty huge. I’ll explain why.
Trump has already appointed a record number of federal judges. He’s placed conservative, Constitutionally-minded judges on courts across the country.
That includes California federal courts, which used to be run by radical leftists.
You see, even with a conservative president, liberal judges are often appointed. That’s because there was this foolish tradition that left senators from liberal states sign off on judge picks.
Not these days. The Left opposes Trump’s administration on just about everything. In return, he refuses to acknowledge California senator’s recommendations for judges.
He’s been transforming once super-liberal courts to be balanced and fair. He’s already placed a bunch of judges to the infamous 9th Circuit Court.
Now he’s placing two more.
In a short time, he will have a conservative majority on a court that was known for pushing the liberal agenda.
This is why it was so important for Trump to win in 2016 (among many reasons). Had Hillary been elected, every last judge would have been a far-left activist.
These judges sit for their entire lives. Even after Trump leaves office, these men and women will be deciding cases that determine your freedom of speech, religion, right to bear arms, and more.
Thank your lucky stars that Trump is the one making the decisions. And thanks to Mitch and Senate Republicans, Democrats can’t stop it.
Trump has reshaped California courts for decades to come. And they are voting for the Constitution, not the left.
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Source: Fox News