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The media tried to keep it silent – but Barack and these Hollywood A-listers are in deep trouble now. Google held a big climate cha...

Obama, Hollywood Stars Fly Private Jets To Climate Change Event – Backfires In Global Wave Of Hypocrisy: Opinion

The media tried to keep it silent – but Barack and these Hollywood A-listers are in deep trouble now.

Google held a big climate change conference this week. Oh, you weren’t invited? That’s because only the biggest liberal celebrities on the planet were allowed to attend the event in Italy.
Barack Obama, Prince Harry, and stars like Orlando Bloom, Leo DiCaprio, and Katy Perry were there.
They all flew down in their private jets, sailed on their yachts, and took limos to the $20 million event. In fact, they used 114 private jets—all of which use a hella lot of fuel.

These ego-soaked jerks thought they’d be praised by the world. Instead, they got hit by a global wave of shame.
From Fox News:
Google’s recent climate change conference, which was attended by Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom and other A-list stars, is being slammed as “hypocritical” by many…
Here’s a couple brutal responses:
“Is there anything more hypocritical than a bunch of rich people flying their private jets across the world to sit on yachts and discuss the future of our planet?
And boy, do they get called out here!
“Wow … if it’s so bad, why did all the Google execs, rich folks & celebrities fly 114 private jets, yachts, & limos to the climate change summit in Italy? Hypocrisy? Climate hoax?”
Dang, those responses were only the tip of the iceberg. I guess global warming isn’t melting the frosty reception from people who heard about this event!
These big-name celebrities spend plenty of time complaining about climate change. They go on TV and interviews and say it’s the biggest threat of our time.
Then they go home to massive mansions that suck up electricity. They fly on private jets or relax on huge yachts.
All of them were invited to this big, pointless event in Sicily to show off to cameras about how thoughtful they are for the earth. Google indulged these con men and women with this lavish event.
Apparently, if you’re rich and liberal, your actions don’t affect the ozone!
How did these creeps not see the hypocrisy in their actions? Do they not care that their lavish, spoiled lifestyles are hurting the earth?
Or are they completely full of crap? Do they push global warming, thinking it’s a hoax? As far-left Democrats, they spread the gospel of environmentalism, knowing it will result in socialism.
The world will go bankrupt—as the rich and famous sit back and relax in their mansions.
I can’t decide which option is worse. Either they are hypocrites or liars.
But I’m sure you’re not surprised. These are Hollywood celebs, after all. They got rich and famous thanks to the corrupt Hollywood industry.
Why should we believe they really care about the earth?
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Source: Fox News