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The network Showtime is airing a new drama called ‘First Ladies,’ which stars Viola Davis as Michelle Obama. Davis is also the Executive Pr...

Melania Trump Snubbed with ‘First Ladies’ Drama on Showtime

The network Showtime is airing a new drama called ‘First Ladies,’ which stars Viola Davis as Michelle Obama. Davis is also the Executive Producer of the project, which will, according to Deadline, explore “history’s most impactful and world-changing decisions [which] have been hidden from view, made by America’s charismatic, complex and dynamic first ladies. The series will peel back the curtain on the personal and political lives of our most enigmatic heroes, with Season 1 focusing on Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford and Michelle Obama.”

Notably missing from the drama, however, is the current First Lady Melania Trump. The absence of Trump from the project seems to be a snub–even the Drudge Report picked up on the apparent bristle, running a headline that says “SHOWTIME Snubs Melania With ‘First Ladies’ Drama…”

According to the series’ producers, the drama is supposed to examine the most important issues pressing our nation, and the inner-workings of the White House, through the female lens. Why then, would the writers not include Melania Trump who has currently done a great deal to shape the direction of public discourse during her time as First Lady?

It is likely that Davis and other producers decided not to include Mrs. Trump because of the flagrant left-wing bias in Hollywood. Including the current First Lady would put the producers in an awkward situation; if they portrayed the current First Lady in a positive light they would anger their liberal colleagues in Hollywood, but if they portrayed her in a negative light they would risk alienating conservative-leaning viewers.

Despite the snubbing of Mrs. Trump, polls show that she is in fact an incredibly popular First Lady. A YouGov poll conducted this summer revealed that the First Lady is the third most admired woman in the entire country–behind only Michelle Obama and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Her popularity is in spite of the constant negative media coverage she receives–much of which revolves around her outfit choices and resistance to speak out against her own husband on policy (as if the press would hold Michelle Obama to those same standards).

Ironically, the same YouGov poll showed that Hillary Clinton–one of the media’s most revered figures of the last few years–was far behind Melania when it came to being admired. She was down at eighth place.

It seems likely that Showtime will receive some amount of blowback for not including Melania Trump in its upcoming drama.