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He dared to threaten the Supreme Court – now it’s coming back to haunt him! Democrats are still outraged that President Trump fixed...

After Top Democrat Intimidates SCOTUS – He Gets Sideswiped With A Major Ethics Complaint

He dared to threaten the Supreme Court – now it’s coming back to haunt him!
Democrats are still outraged that President Trump fixed the Supreme Court. With conservative, Constitutionally-focused justices, Democrats can no longer use the court to push their radical views.
So, many Democrats are trying to strongarm the Court, forcing it to do what they say—or else face the consequences.
A top Democrat even filed a report, demanding the court rule on the 2nd Amendment the way he wanted. If they don’t, he threatened to pack the court with justices who will.
This man thought he could get away with threatening the court.
But it turns out, he’s in hot water.
From Daily Caller:
Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island has attracted an ethics complaint and vigorous criticism from conservatives after raising the prospect of court-packing in a new legal filing before the Supreme Court.
Woah. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse went after the Supreme Court over a 2nd Amendment case they’ll be hearing in October.
He accuses the conservative majority of colluding with “monied Republicans.” Of course, he has no proof of his wild claims.
Still, he threatened to “restructure” the court to “reduce the influence of politics.” Really! This Democrat wants to pack the court with liberal judges to reduce political influence?
Give me a break.
Whitehouse is just upset Trump added two justices to the court. Now, he’s throwing a temper tantrum because the court won’t march to his tune.
For all his efforts, Whitehouse got hit with an ethics complaint. What’s really ironic is that he’s guilty of doing the very thing he accuses Republicans of in his complaint: trying to influence the court with politics.
Whitehouse’s brief violated legal ethics rules. He’s basically threatening the court to do what he says.
Yeah, buddy, totally not legal. You can strongarm a branch of the government that’s supposed to be separate.
The court system in our country is separate from both the legislative branch and executive branch. They are not to be influenced by either the president or Congress.
Yet Whitehouse’s brief aimed to do that. He thought he could demand a certain ruling from the SCOTUS. Instead, he’s getting roasted over his shocking breach of ethics.
If he was smart, he’d back down and let the court do his job. But probably, he’ll only double down on his threats.
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Source: Daily Caller