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…and he represents everything that made America great! Freshman representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) has become one of the most cont...

Omar’s Days In Congress Could Be Numbered – A Well-Known Conservative Challenger Just Emerged

…and he represents everything that made America great!

Freshman representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) has become one of the most controversial politicians on the scene today.
And as far as many conservatives are concerned, her views represent everything America should be against.
That’s why they’re hoping she might not last long as a Congresswoman.

But in order for that to happen, they need a challenger to oust her from her position … and that challenger might just be Mike Lindell.
Lindell is the MyPillow inventor, a proud American businessman and patriot, and a pro-life conservative.
And as he said on “The Sara Carter Show” late last week, he’s ready to turn Minnesota from Blue to Red:
“There’s things going on you don’t even see.
And I will tell you this, I’m going to do so much in Minnesota over the next year and a half, you won’t even see any blue.
Lindell dubbed the state “ground zero” under Omar’s regime, and he specifically called out her targeting of local companies.
To combat this, Lindell first plans to host rallies all across the state … but not for himself.
No, he wants to pay homage to President Donald Trump’s booming economy, something that often goes overlooked by the mainstream media.
And though Lindell hasn’t officially announced anything, when Carter asked if he’d run for office, he replied:
“I always say, I’ve been asked that a million times and, you know what, if I prayed about it and God had me go that direction, I would do it in a heartbeat.”
You will notice he’s also a religious man, so he’s definitely ticking a lot of Conservative boxes right now.
But don’t forget that Lindell is also a survivor: he was able to beat his battle with drug addiction, and he started The Lindell Recovery Network.
It’s designed to help former addicts recover with “faith-based support groups,” and it also helps them find jobs.
Oh, and Lindell is also the man who produced the “Unplanned” movie, which is a huge pro-life film … one liberals absolutely hated.
It really seems like Lindell might be the perfect candidate to unseat Omar, doesn’t it?
Of course, given her highly questionable statements in recent months, many Americans would be happy to see just about anyone take her place.
But Lindell really could do a great job. I think he stands for everything that makes America great!
Would you like to see this great American patriot and entrepreneur TAKE DOWN Omar? Spread the word if you do!