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Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar just got smacked down hard after she said she was “ashamed of America” and refused to condemn Al-Qaeda...

Ilhan Omar Gets SMACKED DOWN After Saying She’s ‘Ashamed Of America’

Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar just got smacked down hard after she said she was “ashamed of America” and refused to condemn Al-Qaeda.

Omar reportedly made the controversial remarks during a press conference on Capitol Hill that she gave with Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Presley. During the conference, Omar was asked about comments President Donald Trump made about her the day before.

“I look at Omar, I don’t know, I’ve never met her. I hear the way she’s talked about al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda has killed many Americans, she said you could ‘hold your chest out,’” Trump said on Monday. “When she talked about the World Trade Center being knocked down, ‘some people,’ you remember, the famous ‘some people.’ These are people who in my opinion hate our country.”

Reporters asked Omar what she thought about Trump saying that she was pro-Al Qaeda.

“When he made the comment, I know that every single Muslim who has lived in this country and across the world has heard that comment,” the Minnesota congresswoman said. “So I will not dignify it with an answer because I know that every single Islamophobe, every single person who is hateful, who is driven by an ideology of othering, as this president is, rejoices in us responding to that, and as defending ourselves.”

Omar went on to say that she does not expect white people to condemn white people who commit crimes like mass shootings.

"So I think it’s beyond time, it’s beyond time to ask Muslims to condemn terrorists. We are no longer going to allow the dignification of such a ridiculous, ridiculous statement,” she said. “Something that I get criticized for all the time. It’s not what you think, so don’t gasp. It is that I am anti-American because I criticize the United States. I believe, as an immigrant, I probably love this country more than anyone that is naturally born and because I am ashamed of it continuing to live in its hypocrisy.”

Notice that Omar refused to condemn Al-Qaeda, just as she refused to condemn the recent Antifa attack on an ICE facility. This has already come back to bite her, as she was just exposed by Denise McAllister, a New York Times bestselling author.

“Here is the letter @IlhanMN wrote defending nine terrorists,” McAllister tweeted. “Her excuse was that they’re just young men who were marginalized. She needs to be removed now. Rep. Ilhan Omar asks judge for compassion in ISIS recruit sentencing.”

Many Twitter users condemned Omar as well and called for her immediate removal from Congress.

With so many people against her and so many skeletons in her closet coming out, it’s hard to imagine Omar lasting in Congress much longer.