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Barack Obama and his legacy took yet another hit this week when the Supreme Court ruled that one of the changes he made to the way Medica...

Supreme Court Crushes Barack Obama With New Ruling

Barack Obama and his legacy took yet another hit this week when the Supreme Court ruled that one of the changes he made to the way Medicare reimbursements to hospitals are done should be removed.
The Hill reported that the justices came to this decision because officials in the Obama administration did not follow the proper notice and comment regulations when making the changes. In a 7-1 ruling, the court ruled to vacate Obama’s rule, with Justice Stephen Breyer being the only dissenter.
The ruling was made in a dispute over billions of dollars in Medicare payments to hospitals, and the Supreme Court ended up ruling in favor of hospitals who had sued over the policy in 2014. Obama’s controversial rule ended up reducing payments to hospitals that were treating low income payments.
“In 2014, the government revealed a new policy on its website that dramatically—and retroactively—reduced payments to hospitals serving low-income patients,” Justice Gorsuch wrote in the majority decision. “Because affected members of the public received no advance warning and no chance to comment first, and because the government has not identified a lawful excuse for neglecting its statutory notice-and-comment obligations, we agree with the court of appeals that the new policy cannot stand.”
This is just the latest piece of Obama’s legacy to be dismantled recently. It comes just days after the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Texas ruled that Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency broke the law when they issued the infamous regulation governing waterways during his presidency.
“The court finds that the final rule violated the notice-and-comment requirements of the [Administrative Procedure Act] and therefore grants summary judgment in favor of the plaintiffs on this ground,” the court ruled. Similar to the latest SCOTUS ruling, the Texas court stated that Obama’s EPA did not allow proper time for public comments before making the changes to the rule.
These rulings come as little surprise to the millions of Americans who always felt that Obama believed himself to be above the law when it came to setting his policies. The former president would frequently disregard the traditional processes of making policies in favor of doing things like signing executive orders are using other unorthodox methods like the ones listed above.
Obama is undoubtedly fuming that under the leadership of Donald Trump, so much of his legacy is going up in smoke. These rulings should serve as a reminder to future presidents that nobody is above the law.