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Democrats left a gaping hole in the evidence – but Nunes just filled it in. So much time has passed, yet Democrats  still  want to ...

Nunes Burns Washington Swamp Down – Releases Evidence Showing The Entire Investigation Was A Big Fat Sham

Democrats left a gaping hole in the evidence – but Nunes just filled it in.
So much time has passed, yet Democrats still want to impeach the president. A president, mind you, that has continued to win for the American people.
Why do they want him to go? Mueller held a press conference—his swan song—and only repeated what we already knew.
There’s nothing in his report that can be used to charge President Trump.
But we’ve now learned, it’s much worse than we originally thought.
Rep. Nunes found something that will make every patriotic American throw Mueller’s report in the trash.
From Western Journal:
Nunes noted the discrepancy between what the Mueller report presented about a phone call involving former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and what the actual transcript of the call stated.
“This is why we need all backup and source documentation for the #muellerdossier released publicly. It’s all a fraud…”
Woah. Nunes blew the lid off the fact that Mueller’s report deliberately omitted crucial parts of Flynn’s transcript.
They just LEFT out the words that help clear Trump.
Flynn, you might remember, was thrown under the bus by Mueller. He was used as a scapegoat to further accuse Trump.
We know that Flynn was guilty of nothing, only a process crime. So, why does Mueller’s report omit the full transcript of this phone call?
Mueller cut out important parts. Parts that show both Flynn and Dowd putting the well-being of the country first.
This omission smacks loudly of this $40 million investigation being a sham. We all know Mueller’s probe was a Democrat hunt.
Now, this revelation proves Mueller was deliberately editing what his found—to make Trump and his allies look as bad as possible.
Um… how is that justice?
Clearly, Mueller was trying to give Democrats dirt to hurt the president. He wasn’t interested in discovering the truth at all.
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Source: Western Journal