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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi raised more questions about her healthy this week as she came completely unhinged with an attack on Don...

Nancy Pelosi Raises Questions About Her Health As She Comes Unhinged With Bizarre Attack On Trump

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi raised more questions about her healthy this week as she came completely unhinged with an attack on Donald Trump that was both disturbing and bizarre.
The American Mirror reported that while sitting down with CNN’s Manu Raju at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s 2019 Fiscal Summit in Washington D.C., Pelosi was asked about comments she made just last week in which she expressed hopes of seeing Trump in prison.
“I don’t want to see him impeached,” Pelosi said at the time, “I want to see him in prison.”
Bizarrely, Pelosi behaved as if she had no idea what Raju was talking about when he asked her to elaborate on the remarks.
“He was apparently set off by remarks you reportedly made in private, saying you’d rather see him in prison than impeached,” Raju said. “Is that how you really feel?”
“I don’t care what motivates him, and we never know. But in front of tombstones of our fallen, we’re there to observe the 75th anniversary of Normandy,” Pelosi responded. “You be the judge as to whether you think it’s appropriate for the president to take that tact.”
Trump held nothing back in responding to Pelosi, calling her a “disgrace” and pointing out that her district in California is rife with drugs.
“I think (Pelosi is) a disgrace,” Trump said. “I actually don’t think she’s a talented person. I’ve tried to be nice to her because I would have like to have gotten some deals done. She’s incapable of doing deals. She’s a nasty, vindictive, horrible person.”
Though Raju continued to ask Pelosi about her comments, she refused to comment and eventually went off on him.
“I don’t care what you ask anymore,” Pelosi said. “I’m not going to talk about him anymore.”
“But I want to know, did you actually say that? Did you actually say that the president, you’d rather see him in prison than impeached?” Raju asked.
“When we have conversations in our caucus, they stay in our caucus,” Pelosi fired back. “Do people think some impeachable offenses that the president committed? Yes. How serious are they? Are they criminal? Many of the people think they are.”
“Do you think they are?” Raju pressed.
“That’s not the purpo … I’m here to talk about … I’m not going to that place of what happens in our caucus,” Pelosi said. “What we’re talking about is what’s happening within our country.”
Questions about Pelosi have previously been raised as she has frequently been caught having bizarre brain freezes on camera. Now, it appears that she is going a step further and forgetting entire comments that she made just one week prior.