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Anti-Trump protesters launched a nasty attack on a supporter of President Trump in London today, just minutes after liberal Jeremy Corbyn...

Mob of Liberals Viciously Attack Trump Supporter, Douse Him in Milkshake

Anti-Trump protesters launched a nasty attack on a supporter of President Trump in London today, just minutes after liberal Jeremy Corbyn finished a speech. According to the Daily Mail, anti-Trumpers shouted “Nazi scum” at a man peacefully walking. The angry mob of protesters then proceeded to throw a milkshake on him. Meanwhile, police on the scene stood by and did nothing.
The stunning attack occurred after Corbyn gave a speech to tens of thousands of liberals. During his speech, he accused President Trump of “creating a sense of hate” and being a racist. But now, it seems that the left-winger’s own speech has created an environment of hate in London.
Ironically, Corbyn had preached to his liberal followers about “peace and justice” just minutes before the attack happened.
The Trump supporter who had a McDonald’s milkshake thrown on him threw it back in the direction where it came from. Finally, some officers showed up and escorted him away from the furious and violent mob.
The targeted man appeared to be in his 60s or 70s.
This is not the first time Trump supporters have been targeted with violence. Here in the United States, Trump supporters are regularly attacked physically and thrown out of businesses for wearing Make America Great Again caps.
Several Republican figures have been hit with milkshakes in recent weeks. A few weeks back in the UK, one angry liberal threw a milkshake at Nigel Farage, the leader of the nation’s Brexit Party. In the US, a protester hit Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida with a milkshake.
So far, President Trump has yet to comment on the attack. He is focusing on the events in London, where he is set to meet with Prince Charles and his wife Camilla this evening. The president’s adult children area also along for the Trump. As we reported earlier today, First Daughter Ivanka Trump has been attacked constantly since the First Family touched down in Great Britain.
Many left-wingers are accusing Ivanka of taking a vacation at the expense of taxpayers, since she has no official reason to come along on the trip. Others are angry that she is using the occasion to trot around in thousands of dollars worth of high-end fashion.
Sadly, back at home the political tension is high as well. High-profile Democrats, including the majority of those running for president in 2020, are calling for President Trump’s impeachment–but are unable to give a specific reason why. If the Democrats don’t present a platform to voters other than “resist Trump,” they may very well be sorely disappointed come November next year.