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Since entering the White House, Melania Trump dealt with many attacks lobbed at her 12-year-old son Barron. Rosie O’Donnell even started ...

Melania Trump Snaps Amid Attacks Aimed at 12-Year-Old Son Barron: ‘Sometimes You Have To Fight Back’

Since entering the White House, Melania Trump dealt with many attacks lobbed at her 12-year-old son Barron. Rosie O’Donnell even started a nasty rumor that the boy has autism. That’s why the First Lady has tried to keep her son out of the spotlight as much as possible. So to many, it came as a surprise on Wednesday when she opened up and was surprisingly candid about what raising Barron in the White House is like during a Q&A with Eric Bolling at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.
The Daily Caller reported that Bolling, who lost his own son to an opioid overdose last year, asked Melania what it’s like to raise a young boy with the huge amount of pressure of being in the White House.
“How does he respond to you?” he asked.
“He’s that age — sometimes you feel the children they don’t listen but they listen,” the First Lady responded. “He is very aware and I hope he follows what I teach him.”
Bolling then asked Melania about Barron’s social media use and how she has discussed her “Be Best” anti-bullying campaign with him. Melania said that Barron is not on any social media yet because he is “only interested” in sports.
“He’s a great athlete,” she added. “I teach him to be responsible and treat people with respect and kindness.”
Melania went on to explain that though she knew she would be criticized for making anti-bullying her platform as First Lady, she felt it was important to do so.
“So the next generation can be respectful and kind,” Melania said. “Also sometimes you need to fight back, I’m sorry.”
Later on, Melania was asked about the backlash she has received over this year’s White House Christmas decorations.
“We are in the 21st century, and everybody has a different taste. I think they look fantastic,” she said. “I hope you will call come over to visit. In real life, they look even more beautiful. You are all welcome to visit the White House — the People’s House.”
We miss Eric @ericbolling on Here @LibertyU blasting the media on First Lady Melania Trump Christmas decorations at White House @FLOTUS “I think they look beautiful, please visit the people’s house”
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Many have been very critical of the First Lady, especially when it comes to her fashion choices. She went to visit migrant children at the US-Mexico border wearing a Zara jacket that said across the back, “I rally don’t care, do U?” And she has worn expensive designer outfits, totaling thousands of dollars, to events where the Trumps try to portray themselves as normal Americans.
The left has accused conservatives of hypocrisy, since many on the right were quick to criticize former First Lady Michelle Obama when she wore expensive designer items.

Whatever the case, one thing is for sure: The Trump family has faced an intense amount of criticism. I think everyone can agree that it’s best to keep the children out of nasty political spars and attacks.