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The Trump family had a whirlwind trip in England over the last few days, during which they met with the Royal Family as well as Prime Min...

Melania and Ivanka in Hot Water as Trump Family Leaves the UK

The Trump family had a whirlwind trip in England over the last few days, during which they met with the Royal Family as well as Prime Minister Theresa May. While many of the president’s supporters were proud to have him representing the United States abroad, liberals found plenty to complain about concerning the First Family’s trip.
First Lady Melania Trump and First Daughter Ivanka Trump both found themselves at the center of controversy as the family departed from the UK.
The mainstream media is on the attack, criticizing the physical appearance of both Melania and Ivanka. The Daily Beast ran a lengthy piece slamming the two for their outfit choices during the trip.
“When photographed alone, the absurdity of her costume-like garments can be forgotten. But when pictured with others, as she was today with Camilla in a simple white sheath dress, Melania’s joyless, Nancy Reagan cosplay came off as all the more extreme,” the Daily Beast wrote.
The left was even more harsh in its criticism of Ivanka Trump. From the Daily Beast: “Staring out from behind a sheer curtain like some villainous American cousin in Downton Abbey, Ivanka managed to out-’80s Melania in an (also white) peplum pleated skirt and blazer by Alessandra Rich. … Ivanka’s tiny hat was unfairly compared to a maxi pad by Twitter critics, though it resembled less of a sanitary napkin and more of a half-assed balloon animal slapped onto her pin straight hair.”
The vicious harassment of both the First Lady and First Daughter continued on Twitter.
Many of these same leftists are accusing Donald Trump’s children of taking a vacation at the expense of taxpayers, since they has no official reason to come along on the trip. Others are angry that Ivanka used the occasion to trot around in thousands of dollars worth of high-end fashion.
On Tuesday morning, Ivanka attended a formal business meeting with leaders wearing a Burberry dress that cost well over $2,000, according to the Daily Mail. The 37-year-old sat next to her father during the meeting, which was also attended by Prime Minister May. She paired the outfit with a pair of $700 Burberry leather pumps.
And on Monday evening, the First Daughter wore a $11,600 dress with pearl accessories to a formal event that was attended by the Queen and other Royal Family members.
Unfortunately for the Trump family, when they arrive back home in the US the attacks aren’t likely to stop. Democrats are currently considering bringing impeachment charges against the president–despite having no evidence of a crime being committed.