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Meghan Markle snubbed US president Donald Trump during his visit to the UK last week. Every member of the royal family, including Queen E...

Meghan Markle Defiantly Steps Out After Snubbing Trump – Gets Torched

Meghan Markle snubbed US president Donald Trump during his visit to the UK last week. Every member of the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry, greeted President Trump and his family. However, Markle did not show up and cited the recent birth of her son Archie as the reason why.
But just a few days after Trump left, Markle attended the highly public event Trooping of the Colour, in an open-top carriage. She looked in good health and was grinning the entire time. Why wasn’t she able to greet the President of the United States–the nation where she is from–but she was perfectly okay to attend the Trooping of Colour event?
Piers Morgan, perhaps Britain’s most influential journalist and media personality, blasted Markle in his widely-read weekly column for the Daily Mail.
Markle “missed the state banquet, she missed the palace photo-ops, she missed all the D-Day commemoration ceremonies,” Morgan wrote. “Instead, Meghan went M.I.A. and stayed back at her lavishly redecorated – at British tax-payer expense – home, Frogmore Cottage in Windsor. Officially, the line trotted out to the media was that she was taking care of her baby Archie, who arrived a month ago.”
Morgan continued, “But then, the moment Trump had gone, Meghan suddenly popped up at the Trooping of the Colour, in an open-top carriage, looking in radiant good health and with a permanently beaming grin. So call me suspicious, but I don’t think her absence from Trump’s visit had anything to do with her baby, and everything to do with her dislike of her President. And that, I’m afraid, is unacceptable. It’s not part of the deal.”
Morgan didn’t hold back. He said that the “B-list actress” got all of the fame and taxpayer-subsidized luxuries she could dream of by marrying into the royal family.
“And all that is required in return is that they behave in a way that is expected of them as a member of the royal family,” he noted. “So, I’m sorry, but bunking off at home is simply not an option for ANY senior member of the Royal Family. Yet that’s what Meghan did.”
The meeting between Trump and the royal family was very important for both nations. It was a symbol of unity between the two countries and a time to put political differences aside. But Markle, who had made her negative opinions about Trump known in the past, simply could not handle the notion of being seen with the US president.
Morgan noted, “We all know why [Markle stayed home] – she hates Trump with a passion, and views him, as she once said on TV, as a ‘divisive misogynist.’ It’s an opinion she shares with all her liberal celebrity friends who attended her wedding, from the Clooneys and Oprah to Sir Elton John, Serena Williams and James Corden. And my firm guess is that she deliberately snubbed Trump because she was absolutely terrified of being photographed with him and looking like she may be enjoying his company.”
At this point, it is unclear what the royal family thinks of this situation. But one can imagine that Queen Elizabeth–one who is uniquely and intimately familiar with royal duties–is not pleased.