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President Donald Trump is in the UK this week, visiting with the Royal Family as well as Prime Minister Theresa May. The president brough...

Ivanka Trump Attacked During Lavish Trip to UK With Father

President Donald Trump is in the UK this week, visiting with the Royal Family as well as Prime Minister Theresa May. The president brought his entire family along for the trip, including his wife and his adult children.
First Daughter Ivanka Trump has been facing harsh criticism since arriving in the UK. Many are accusing her of taking a vacation at the expense of taxpayers, since she has no official reason to come along on the trip. Others are angry that she is using the occasion to trot around in thousands of dollars worth of high-end fashion.
Ivanka attended a formal business meeting with leaders this morning wearing a Burberry dress that costs well over $2,000, according to the Daily Mail. The 37-year-old sat next to her father during the meeting, which was also attended by Prime Minister May.
She paired the outfit with a pair of $700 Burberry leather pumps.
The First Daughter took a photo of herself inside St. James’s Palace–where the meeting was held–and shared it to Instagram. She captioned the photo: “At St James’s Palace fr UK/U.S. business roundtable #USStateVisit.”
Shortly after posting the image to her Instgram story, she posted another image on her wall, showing herself with her siblings:
Ivanka posted this photo to her Instagram account with the caption, Visit to the Churchill War Rooms for a tour of the historic WWII war room bunker used by former Prime Minister Churchill and his cabinet. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ #USStateVisit
Thousands of Instagram users immediately attacked Ivanka and her siblings. “And your there because….” one user wrote. “Why do you get a free vacation?” another asked. “THE CRIME FAMILY,” wrote another.
The mean comments kept on coming:
“Why are you there? Who’s paying for this Disney London Fantasy trip?”
“The corrupt trumps.”
“Unbelievable that the American tax payers paid for your family field trip. Can’t wait for u to get out of the WH and for the investigations to begin. #prisontime
Not surprisingly, the mainstream media hasn’t been much kinder to the Trump family, either. Since the First Family arrived in the UK, the mainstream press has been pumping out negative headlines.
Last night, the First Daughter wore a $11,600 dress with pearl accessories to a formal event that was attended by the Queen and other Royal Family members. Etiquette expert William Hanson told the Daily Mail, “Ivanka Trump’s look was perfect… for an upper east side corporate garden party.”
This evening, President Trump and his children will attend dinner at Winfield House–the US ambassador’s house in London. Prince Charles and Camilla will be in attendance, representing the Queen.