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Judge Emmet Sullivan, presiding over the sentencing phase of Michael Flynn’s guilty plea, demanded the government to file on the public doc...

AYFKM? Judge Suspects Bob M. Doctored Transcripts May Have Formed Basis For Flynn Guilty Plea

Judge Emmet Sullivan, presiding over the sentencing phase of Michael Flynn’s guilty plea, demanded the government to file on the public docket “the transcript of the voicemail recording” from President Trump’s attorney John Dowd to Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

The transcript of that voicemail recording was cited in the Mueller report as evidence that Trump and his representatives were guilty of obstruction by attempting to shape witness testimony.

However, it didn’t escape Sullivan’s notice that the transcript had been left out of the report.

Judge Sullivan had previously become suspicious that Flynn had become a victim of an entrapment scheme perpetrated by prosecutors as evidenced by his February 2018, order in the case of United States v. Flynn demanding that exculpatory evidence be provided to Flynn’s attorneys by special counsel Robert Mueller.

After more than a year of legal gamesmanship on the part of the special counsel, Judge Sullivan issued this Minute Order in mid-May, 2019:

It appears that Judge Sullivan suspected that Flynn’s statements to the FBI would be shown to be true and accurate and therefore the charge to which he pled guilty would be a result of prosecutorial overreach.

Finally on May 31st, the special counsel turned over to the court the full transcript of Dowd’s message to Flynn. Thanks to Rosie memos for doing the legwork:

Whaddya know, the Judges suspicions were confirmed.

The actual transcript had been edited to make it look like President Trump’s attorney John Dowd was asking Flynn to withhold information when Dowd was simply asking Flynn to be mindful of protecting any classified information that his interrogators might inquire about.

There must be a reason that Judge Sullivan demanded he also see “…any other audio recordings of Mr. Flynn, including but not limited to, audio recordings of Mr Flynn’s conversations with Russian officials.”

The fact that the Mueller team refused to provide the audio recording of Flynn’s conversation with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak after being ordered to do so further raises suspicions.

The special counsel refused to abide by Judge Sullivan’s order, instead choosing to dance around the judge’s order, deciding for themselves that the judge doesn’t need it because the recordings are “not part of the sentencing record.”

What the eff are they hiding? The recordings are part of the factual evidence used to coerce a guilty plea from Flynn. Remember, in February 2018 Judge Sullivan had ordered all exculpatory turned over to Flynn’s legal team.

What are prosecutors afraid might be learned from providing the court with the requested information? Could it be there was there a FISA warrant for Gen. Flynn in effect at the time?

Why else would Lisa Page and Peter Strzok be so stressed out the day before Strzok interviewed Flynn?

WTF were they worried about this ‘going off the rails’ for if they weren’t planning on walking Flynn into a trap? And how would they know they could do that if they hadn’t been monitoring him?