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The United States has been making big moves when it comes to nuclear warfare. Conservative Tribune explains , “warfare calls for modern sol...

Trump Just Deployed New Silent Missiles That Have Iran Crapping Their Drawers & The Potential to Knock Out Enemy Military

The United States has been making big moves when it comes to nuclear warfare. Conservative Tribune explains, “warfare calls for modern solutions. Gone are the days of the Cold War, when whoever could make the biggest bomb was considered the biggest kid on the block. Now, it’s all about fighting smarter.”

This is where the Counter-Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP for short) comes into play.

The Daily Mail reported that the missiles had been tested all the way back in 2012, prior to the United States Air Force adopting them. It has been reported that 20 of said missiles have already been deployed.

Conservative Tribune reports:

The weapons are loaded on B-52 bombers, and function like a cruise missile — but without the explosion. Instead, the CHAMP missile flies over a target and fires its electromagnetic pulse cannon, sending a wave to the ground.

For electronics in the effective radius, it’s a death sentence. Surveillance systems, computers, cameras, and other electronics wouldn’t just be offline after this EMP blast — they would be completely destroyed.

Surge protectors are too slow to stop it, and it’s doubtful that any primitive shielding technique in Iran or North Korea would keep their equipment safe.

The energy in this wave is completely harmless to humans.

With a few well-placed missiles, entire anti-air batteries can be taken offline. Artillery, which relies heavily on a communications network, would be forced to fire blind.

With either of these systems down, a lightning amphibious invasion would be disastrous for the enemy.

These missiles would most likely stop the need to fully invade.

“A blast to a dense part of Pyongyang or Tehran would create unmitigated chaos and economic loss. A few more of these to vital locations for the countries’ economies or infrastructure could easily shut them down for months,” explains Conservative Tribune. “Power plants, government buildings, and other strategic structures would be easy prey for the CHAMP system.”

The missile has the strength to reach targets “entrenched in mountain bunkers, provided they’re linked to the power grid with external cables,” according to Conservative Tribune.

If the enemy hopes to shoot one of these missiles down, they’re in for a rude awakening.

Enemies will have a hard time taking a CHAMP missile down as it is able to fry radar installations while making its way to the primary target. This means even locating the missile is nearly impossible.

“This is a humane yet devastating weapon that is capable of shutting down the enemy without spilling a drop of blood. It may not be a flashy and scary missile, but CHAMP allows America to project her power and maintain a peaceful world. Phantom Works, the defense prototyping wing of Boeing, is behind the advanced weapons system. The group is also behind several other missiles and advanced aircraft, including planned next-generation fighter jets. With developments like these, we’re blessed to live in a free market society that fosters this pace of technological progress. If brutality bred innovation, North Korea would be the one with a leg up on us,” Conservative Tribune reports.