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Barry doesn’t have a prayer… Obama has been able to keep squeaky clean in Hillary’s email case. But not anymore. Could be curtains f...

President Trump Blindsides Obama – Finds New Evidence Showing His Backdoor Corruption To Help Hillary

Barry doesn’t have a prayer…

Obama has been able to keep squeaky clean in Hillary’s email case. But not anymore. Could be curtains for Barry.
You might remember how that case was shelved by Comey. The good news is it might be reopened by Attorney General Barr.
Judicial Watch, who has helped Trump many times before, got Congress to release new evidence that may prove Obama’s White House was aware of—or maybe behind—the cover-up.
From Daily Caller:
The Obama White House kept tabs on a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for information on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email accounts that the State Department improperly denied, according to newly released emails.
Uh-oh, looks like things are getting dicey for Obama’s White House! They found his backdoor corruption to help keep Hillary in the race for 2016.
Way back in 2012, a liberal watchdog group called Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington wanted to know about Clintons’ notorious email server.
They submitted a FOIA request to find out just what was going on. We now know that Clinton was using an private email server to conduct government business.
That email server was infiltrated by hackers, with government information most-likely leaking to our enemies.
The watchdog group’s request was denied because the State Department claimed there was nothing to give them.
But we know that the State Department, the White House, and even President Obama knew all about Clinton’s basement server.
The fact that the White House was watching this FOIA request suggests that Obama may have been the one to shoot this down.
Perhaps the White House was trying to protect Clinton, even though she was breaking the law by transmitting top-secret documents across an unprotected server.
Did Obama’s White House orchestrate the cover-up? Was he involved in breaking the law to protect his successor?
It’s hard not to ask these questions. And we see where the evidence is heading. Obama should have been the first one to shut down Hillary’s private server.
It was against the law and jeopardized our national security.
But now we know Obama knew about the server and stopped a group from getting information about it.
So… when are we going to get an actual investigation?
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Source: Daily Caller