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Former First Lady Michelle Obama recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s ABC show  Jimmy Kimmel Live!  , where she dropped some major shade on...

Michelle Obama Finally Snaps, Insults Melania Trump on Kimmel Show

Former First Lady Michelle Obama recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s ABC show Jimmy Kimmel Live! , where she dropped some major shade on current First Lady Melania Trump.
According to Mediaite, Kimmel brought up the White House staffer that was essentially fired by Mrs. Trump. Obama responded by saying she never had a situation like that during her time at the White House.
Kimmel was referring to Deputy National Security Advisor Mira Ricardel, who was given the boot from the administration after Mrs. Trump released a statement that supported her firing. The incident sparked a debate about how much control the First Lady should be able to have over not just staffing, but national security matters as well.
Kimmel began by begging Obama to go back into the White House with her husband to replace Donald Trump–Kimmel has been outspoken about his dislike of Trump.
The late night host then turned to the fired staffer, asking, “If you wanted to get someone in your husband’s administration fired, how would you do that?”
Obama responded with a smirk, “Why do you ask? We had wonderful people in our administration.”
Of course, this was meant as a dig at the current First Lady.
She then continued with the insult and said nothing like that ever happened during the Obamas’ tenure–not even “once.”
The conversation then turned to 2020. The former First Lady said that she “never had any serious conversations with anyone about it because it’s not something that I’m interested in—or would ever do. Ever.”
Of course, this comes as a major disappointment to her many adoring fans who wish she would challenge Trump in the upcoming presidential election. On the other hand, many politicians in the past have said they will not run–only to change their minds in the years leading up to presidential elections.
Just look at Hillary Clinton; several years before the 2016 presidential election she said publicly that she would not seek office. But then just a year later, she announced her bid for the presidency.
Only time will tell what’s in the cards for Michelle Obama. In the meantime, she’s proving to be a harsh critic of the Trump Administration.