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Donald pulled the rug out from Democrats – now they’re triggered. People said it was impossible.  But impossible is Donald Trump’s b...

Democrats Snubbed In 9th Circuit Switch – Trump Drops His California Gavel

Donald pulled the rug out from Democrats – now they’re triggered.

People said it was impossible. But impossible is Donald Trump’s bread and butter.
President Trump isn’t like other politicians—he’s going behind enemy lines and tackling the biggest Democratic strongholds.
He’s robbing the Left’s teeth—right out of their mouths! Their holy grail, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, is Trump’s target.
And he’s transforming it from a liberal tool to a fair, balanced U.S. court.
From Fox News:
In a 52-45 party-line vote Wednesday, the Senate confirmed President Trump’s nominee to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals…
Ka-boom! One of the most radically liberal courts in the country has yet another conservative judge on the bench!
Thanks to Senate Republicans, Donald Trump appointed Kenneth Lee to the Ninth Circuit Court. This federal court decides many important cases that never make it to the Supreme Court.
Those cases often decide the fate of all Americans. And for decades, liberal judges ruled this bench.
Other Republicans would give up. But Trump is quickly changing the court, and many others across the country, by appointing conservative judges who uphold the Constitution.

And, surprise, surprise, California Democrats are LIVID about what Trump is pulling off in their backyard.
Neither Sen. Dianne Feinstein nor Sen. Kamala Harris, both California Democrats, returned a blue slip on [Kenneth] Lee’s nomination to the San Francisco-based court. Lee, 43, a native of South Korea, is a past special counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Liberal senators from California are particularly outraged. In the past, senators from the state in which a court resides got to give their “blue slip” approval. If they refused to approve of a judge, it was likely they wouldn’t be approved.
Both Feinstein and Harris refused to give their blue slips, simply to deny Lee his appointment.
But Republican senators? They didn’t care! They approved him anyway. They finally have some guts with Trump as their president.
You might remember Feinstein was the senator that started the Brett Kavanaugh scandal. It was because of her that a good man’s name was tarnished. Harris and other Democrats jumped in to add fuel to the fire.
So forgive me if I DON’T CARE that they were snubbed this time around.
Democrats need to learn they can’t rule this country with an iron fist. They have exploited the courts by stacking them with activist liberals.
But tose days are over. We are quickly seeing the federal court system transformed by President Trump.
Our judges will be fair, balanced, and respectful our Constitution.
All the Democrats can do is weep.
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Source: Fox News