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Donald just hit the motherlode – and Democrats are NOT happy. As a Trump supporter, I knew Donald was innocent in the Mueller invest...

Hours After Mueller Report Hits D.C. Swamp – President Trump Wakes Up To 2020 Jackpot

Donald just hit the motherlode – and Democrats are NOT happy.

As a Trump supporter, I knew Donald was innocent in the Mueller investigation from the start.
Now his innocence is paying off – BIG.
He was accused of being a Russian puppet. Really? Have you seen President Trump talk about how much he loves America?

Well, the full Mueller report just shattered the Democrats’ chances of taking down Trump before 2020.
Here’s what happened…
Trump supporters jumped at the chance to show their support and reward their President in a big way. How?
By handing over a Jackpot.
Trump is already leading the field in donations with $30 million this quarter, but he just blew that away the day after the Mueller report came out.
From Daily Mail:
The Trump 2020 campaign raked in $1 million in donations after the Mueller report cleared him of colluding with Russia… a 250 percent increase in a day. 
BOOM. $1,000,000 in just 24 hours. A 250% increase!
So why is this happening, you might be asking?
Many Republicans politicians questioned whether Trump was legitimate during this investigation, but no longer. He was falsely accused, but now the whole world knows he’s clear.
Of course, the Democrats will look for any opportunity to criticize President Trump. They might try and say he had a couple of billionaires throw some cash his way.
WRONG – exactly the OPPOSITE:
The majority of the donations (nearly 99 percent) in Q1 were $200 or less.
In fact, the average donation was $34. You know what that means?
Trump is a man of the people. He may be a successful businessman, but people all across the country believe him.
Did you contribute to help re-elect Trump last week? If not, will you this week?
Now the floodgates are opening for his campaign. He’s finally proven the Democrats have been trying to take him down with this investigation since before his presidency even began.
No president has been smeared more by the media, undermined by Congress, and underestimated by the establishment more than our great President. Yet he still keeps working to make America better and better.
Even under all that pressure, he has given us a record-breaking economy, big tax cuts and a new border wall going up.
And now all he needs is for the American people to use their common sense and show up to vote in 2020.
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Source: Daily Mail